2018. április 16., hétfő

Actually, we are servant

Actually, we are servant, but in the conditioned state, every one of us posing as the master. The sooner we forget that we are not master, we are servant; and if even though we are not inclined to serve Krishna, we have to become the servant of our senses. So the sooner we realize this fact, that our constitutional position is servant, that means we are liberated. Liberation means to be situated in one's original position. Just like a man suffering from fever, so relief from fever means to be situated in normal condition. So service is our normal condition, but this service being misplaced, we are not happy but as soon as the service is placed to the right person, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, everything becomes happy and successful.

(Letter to: Daniel—Montreal 22 August, 1968)

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