2018. április 7., szombat

We should not approach a bogus guru, who is like a blind man trying to lead other blind men (Srila Prabhupada)

I have read an interesting thing on PADA website:

...Whereas there are at least 9 million congregational members in ISKCON; Whereas ISKCON has less than 80 devotees available to give diksa to potentially 9 million people; ...”

( source: GBC cannot find more messiah recruits? Here's is what is posted on this years GBC meeting in Mayapur.

So I asked a devotee about this incredible number ( 9 million ). I think everyone has opinion.

The answer:
"I don't think that number is reliable. That's rather wishful thinking by the bogus GBC - how many paying members would be required to satisfy the 80 diksha gurus properly...  about 112.500 per guru... nice donation potentialities, wow. These gurus are "zero" by not following Srila Prabhupada, and they added some of their "zeros" to the real existing number of cheated people."

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