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Mayesvara Dasa: Flat Earth - SAILING TO JAMBŪDVĪPA

This is very interesting and surprising issue!

Mayesvara Dasa: Flat Earth - SAILING TO JAMBŪDVĪPA




Comment (by Marici Das) on prabhupadanugas.eu website: Flat Earth - Sailing to Jambudvipa

Hare Krsna, dear Prabhus
According to Srila Prabhupada a devotee has to use his own intelligence to understand different things.
So if a devotee says the „Earth is flat”, other devotees can say „you are wrong”.
But Mayesvara prabhu actually wants to explain „the real” meaning of Srila Prabhupada's original words. He certainly does this from good intention. But this is very dangerous. Because we have to accept our Spiritual Master, Srila Prabhupada's words AS IT IS.
Even if there appears to be some discrepancy according to an imperfect devotee's estimation, the devotee should be fixed in the conviction that even if his spiritual master goes to a liquor shop, he is not a drunkard; rather, he must have some purpose in going there..” (Antya 3.11.)
Therefore I can not try to judge Mayesvara prabhu.
But I would like to ask the Prabhus's opinion on the following excerpt (part 3 ):

Mayesvara dasa :

"Srila Prabhupäda, as mentioned, actually discussed this conquest of Jambüdvépa by the Pandavas in his purport to srimad-Bhägavatam 1.16.12. Again in a lecture in 1973 he referred to Mahäräja Yudhistira passage into Jambüdvépa via the Arctic region. Bhakti-prema Däsa again mentioned this history to Srila Prabhupäda in 1977 whilst showing the planetary sketches for the Vedic planetarium: 

Prabhupäda: They will be puzzled. These material scientists will be puzzled. (laughter) 

Bhakti-Prema: But according to Srimad-Bhägavatam, in the beginning of creation we have relation with all this, in India. Even five thousand years ago Pariksit Mahäräja went and he conquered this area. I have translated this. This Tattvata-varsa was conquered by... And this Ramya-varsa was also conquered. And Vardhanya also... And then this is Bhärata-varsa, this whole world. 

Tamäla Krsna: Where? 

Bhakti-Prema: This. 

Tamäla Krsna: That is Bhärata-varsa. 

Bhakti-Prema: Yeah, and he was presiding here. He was living here. And then he crossed this mountain. 

Prabhupäda: Crossed? 
Bhakti-Prema: Yes. And he conquered it. Not only he saw, he conquered it. And it is surrounded by five other oceans. 

(Showing of Planetary Sketches, June 28, Vrindavana, 1977) 

So if it is true that the Pandavas, and later their grandson Pariksit Mahäräja, controlled Jambüdvépa from their capital in India, then a question for avocates of a round-shaped Earth arises; namely, where is the round Earth in relation to Jambüdvipa? If Earth is a round ball in space, where is Jambüdvépa to be found? Where is Jambüdvipa in NASA's pictures? 

Such a conception of a globe ball in space does not make any sense in the light of Srimad-Bhägavatam’s description. Srimad-Bhägavatam describes that Earth is part of Bhärata-varsa and literally next door to Kimpuruña-varsa. Bhärata-varña is surrounded by Jambüdvipa's salt water ocean; not by space. At the northern point of Earth is an 80,000 mile mountain over which the Pändavas crossed to control the 800,000 mile land mass of Jambüdvépa. None of this makes any sense from the understanding of Earth as a globe in space; but it makes perfect sense with the understanding that Earth is lying on the salt water ocean surrounding the central island of Bhü-mandala's central island of Jambüdvipa.  

Would it not, therefore, make more sense to depict Earth as lying flat on the Bhümandala as indeed Srimad-Bhägavatam indeed describes it; and that our image of a globe in space should be taken as nothing but false propaganda straight from the special effects department of NASA? This would be my first question. "


Hare Krsna


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