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Please always remember this secret

Just as you are thinking of me so often, similarly, you should know that I am often thinking of you also. So if you can remember to always remember Krishna AND the instructions of your Spiritual Master than surely this will bring the highest benediction to yourself and to those with whom you come into contact. 

To the extent we are thinking of Krishna, to that extent Maya has no influence. But as much as we are desiring to forget Krishna and trying to enjoy for ourself, so to that extent we must suffer the pains of Maya. 

So our remedy for material life is very simple, simply to chant for Krishna, to dance for Krishna, to work, prepare nice foods for Krishna and then cent per cent we become fully free from all other influences. Please always remember this secret and show by example to all others.

(Srila Prabhupada's letter to: Himavati—Los Angeles 12 December, 1968)

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