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Simply by understanding Krishna, one understands everything

...In the Vedas it is stated that simply by understanding Krishna, one understands everything. This means there are two departmental educational policy; one departmental education is spiritual education, and the other departmental educational system is material education.

One who is highly elevated in material education, cannot understand about anything spiritual. But one who is elevated highly in his spiritual education can understand anything material. In other words, all material things are dependent on the spiritual soul. Just like your body, my body, this material body, they have developed on the basis of the spirit soul.

Therefore, Krishna being the Supreme Spirit, one who tries to understand Krishna, he can understand everything else. From your statement of the letter under reply, I can understand that by the Grace of Krishna, you are improving in Krishna Consciousness. And if you continue to keep up your attitude in this spirit, surely in this very life, you will be successful to reach the perfectional stages.

It is my duty to open your eyes, because a SPIRITUAL MASTER is he WHO CAN SAVE HIS DISCIPLES from the darkness of nescience, illusion. So I am trying my best to do my duty, and if you cooperate with me, fully, certainly both yourself and myself will be successful in our missionary work. …

(Srila Prabhupada's letter to Syama – San Francisco 11 September, 1968 )

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